I’m Co-founder and Executive Director of Fabricatorz Foundation which hosts Bassel Khartabil FellowshipNew PalmyraQiware, the Fashion Freedom InitiativeFont Library and Openclipart.

I co-founded Oui.Gallery, a global art gallery emerging artists making innovative shows in Saint Louis & Hong Kong.

I’m known for my early passion for Open Source Software, Hardware and Free Culture. My first Open Source Project is the drawing app, Inkscape. I created and still maintain Openclipart.

I also am known for my early work on Creative CommonsIdenti.ca(Status.net), and Qi Hardware. All three projects inspired me to go to the source of manufacturing, China. I lived in Beijing for a number of years to learn hardware manufacturing where I worked with technologists and artists.

I work daily on international business and creative technology innovation with an emphasis on emerging decentralized technologies.

I like to cycle with my friends around the world.


  • Full name: Jonathan David Phillips.
  • Born May 28, 1979, Effingham, Illinois, USA.
  • Lives & Works in Saint Louis & Hong Kong.



Jon Phillips is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Fabricatorz Foundation. His work is known globally and has been covered widely. He lives and works in Saint Louis and Hong Kong.